Mixed Emotions

March 18 - April 15, 2018


"Mixed Emotions" captures the beauty of bi-racial bodies, minds, and experiences through a lens uninhibited by social, political, or racial binaries. Throughout time, and to this day, our identities wane - as children, we are expected to pick white OR black, wear Abercrombie OR Fubu, say "nigga" or "ni****”, but never in-between. As children, the checkboxes on standardized tests didn't include "mulatto". We were papis, mutts, too black or not black enough, ambiguous, fetishized, but always beautiful. We are uncertain if we are welcome in black-only spaces, yet always conscious and uncomfortable with being the only black folks in a room full of white people.

Images by Joshua Michael Jenkins
Curator's portrait by Chi Nwosu



January 7, 2018

A Solo masturbation / heart & genital connection meant to indulge our bodies, minds, breath, and private parts.

Lead by Coriama Couture
Curated by Joshua Jenkins




December 9 - January 10, 2018

Gødbottom is an exhibition pertaining to “bottoming,” popular gay slang referring to being the receptive partner during sexual penetration, particularly during anal sex. However, the term is not exclusive to the gay community or anal sex. In BDSM terms, to bottom is to be submissive to another—therefore bottoming would be to be submissive. In French, German and Spanish (Passif, Passiv, Passivo), to bottom is to be passive as opposed to active (Actif, Aktiv, Activo). There is an all too common conflation of bottoming with the feminine and topping with masculinity—a persisting patriarchal ideology of the feminine being passive, submissive, the “bottom.” In etymological terms, from Old English bodan all the way back to Latin Fundus bottom derives from “ground, soil, foundation, lowest or deepest part of anything.” Bottom is a stand-in for the earth, and the earth is to be discovered, claimed and plowed. Emilio Rojas’s video work 1492, in which he shoves one thousand four hundred and ninety two wine corks (the year Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas) up his rectum, makes clear the links to colonialism, particularly to Manifest Destiny. What is to be taken, what is to be given, who is marked and who is the marker? 

Gødbottom takes up the term bottoming and unravels it in an expansive cross gender, sexuality and post-colonial manner. Gødbottom is a comparative study of different cultural and historical vernacular for bottoming (Mandarin Chinese: 做零 [Being Zero], Hebrew: נושך כריות, מקבל [Pillow Biter and Receiver], Japanese: Neko [Cat]) and the identity concepts built up around these terms. Persisting patterns of specific power dynamics unsurprisingly emerge. Rather than seeking a definitive result, Condo Association seeks to make empathetic bottom associates with the hopes that some transformative action could emanate from a theoretical “flip” or “bottoming out” of the notion itself. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Jackson Fydim Stacy’s (Australia) video work Dissolve Target of a snake eating its own ass, an ouroboros, and the entire concept of bottoming and topping complete dissolves upon itself.

Work by Larissa Borteh, Tommy Camerno, Hyegyeong Choi, Jory Drew, T Clutch Fleischmann, Abel Guzman, Jose Hates Life, Audra Jacot, La JohnJoseph, Vesna Jovanovic, Daniel Luedtke), Dutes Miller, David Nasca, B. Quinn, Steve Reinke, Anthony Renda (New York), Emilio Rojas, Kizer Shelton, Anna Showers-Cruser, Jackson Fydim Stacy, George William Price




December 29, 2017


In honor of the closing of Man's Country, one of the US's oldest gay bathhouses, The Condo Association presents "One Night Membership, Large Towel, Small Rush."

Stories of hookups and anonymous sex in bathhouses and other queer sex spaces new and old. 

Featuring erotica from BelgianBoy and Joe Osmundson
Standup Comedy by Mike Gifford
Hosted by Joshua Michael Jenkins




October 13 - November 14 2017

Neon has that exhibitionist quality that exudes sexuality and commercialism. It suggests a sexual declaration of personal empowerment. Lighten Up is a celebration of neon art. The show confronts heavy topics such as sex, sexuality, child-bearing, immigration, and addiction while lightening the tone with humor and fun. From traditional neon signs, to sculptures, to performances, to illuminated paintings, this show highlights the diverse ways neon can be incorporated in art.

Blending the adult industry-exhibitionist quality of neon text with regressive, childlike shapes and symbols, these artists will be tagging up the walls of The Condo Association like illuminated graffiti.

While most neon artists get their work fabricated, all of the selected artists designed and bent their own neon tubes. Every tube is made by human hands. The turning, pulling, sagging, sucking, and blowing are reminiscent of a child playing with toys. Only these toys are bombarded, filled with gas, and given 9,000 volts of electricity. It is both dangerous and fragile. Even though they follow a pattern, you can still see each of the artists' hand in their own work. Left with cuts and burns, you can see the work in their hands. Every piece that is made has a little of their own blood, sweat, and spit.

Work by Odinaka Ezeokoli



Nandi_cow II.png

August 26 - September 29, 2017

The show concerns Kamadhenu, the sacred cow in Hinduism who shall not shed blood, but be sustained with milk; the brutality of The Eucharist; the sexuality of Christ giving birth to his humanity; Madonna and Child revealing Christ's mortality; vulnerability in Noli me Tangere; St. Sebastian’s homoeroticism; animality in Greek mythology; the autonomy of the queer body; a capacity for transformation and a devotion to an expanding language of embodiment. Perhaps what is at stake is a loss of empathy. Especially since there are pluralities, complexities and elasticities regarding various bodies.

Work by Parker Bright, Elijah Burgher, James Kerley, Rohan Khanna, Michael Madrigali, Anwar Mahdi, Ignacio María Manrique, Kaveri Raina, Pfeiffer + Walz, and Caleb Yono
Curated by Dominique Knowles




July 23 - August 12, 2017

The Condo Association's first official exhibition as a collective and our worldwide debut. In an effort to introduce our newly founded art collective and our new flexible project space in Humboldt Park, each collective member will exhibit their own work or curate work by other artists in their proxy. HOUSEWARMING showcases a variety of artworks in various mediums including paintings, illustrations, clothing, photography, and more.

Work by Stevie Hanley, Dominique Knowles, Christina Pierce, The Set Standard, James Skarbek